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Charmaine "Charli" Schulman, Ph.D., P.L. C.






I Expect Your Best 
If you are hiring me, then you are probably ready to do and be your best. If you aren't doing your best, I will ask you to do so. If you can't do that at the moment, I will do what is needed to help you back on your path.

I Don't Step Over Much 
Should I hear a strange tone in your voice, or notice something amiss, I will ask you about it. It can be these small moments that offer the chance to discover something big. I will not push or nag; I will invite you to look at something in a new way.

I May Give Advice 
If I am sure of the situation and you're open to it, (it is always your choice) I will make specific suggestions on how to handle a particular situation or opportunity. If I am not sure, I will say so. Honesty is one of my values; I tell it straight and expect the same from you. Take the best of what I offer and use your judgment.

I Make Direct Requests 
At different times; I will make a bold request, like "Will you accomplish (something specific) within the next week or two"? As the client, feel free to accept the request, make a counter offer (what you are willing and able to commit to) or occasionally decline. While I believe whatever choice you make will be the right one, I strongly encourage you to  "Go For  It! "

I Give "Growth Work" 
I most often ask that my client complete at least two or three tasks, actions or breakthroughs between one call and the next. If you find this is too much on any occasion, say so. If you want more, just ask. Coaching is a way to assist people in making the best use of their own resources. A professional life management coach does much of what an athletic or acting coach does, but takes a more comprehensive approach. The focus is on achieving success, balance, and fulfillment in your "entire" life.




"I celebrate my good mental health by sharing my knowledge with you."


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