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1.  You get personal time to focus on YOUR nervous symptoms, concerns and priorities every session. It is most productive to have a personal, private, intimate, challenging conversation focused exclusively on helping you move forward, void of nervous symptoms, i.e. depression, anxiety, panic disorder, low self-esteem . How often do you get the support you need to be your BEST?

2.  Having a coach will bring you new insights regarding your nervous imbalance, challenges you to work harder and to understand that YOU ARE in control of your mental health. You will have a stronger focus on your goals and will be encouraged to aim higher. Your coach is your biggest cheerleader--and at times the person you love to hate the most!

3.  You will become productive, efficient, effective, and more results oriented. Unlike a therapist a coach does not look to your past for answers, the focus is in the now and to handle what is here now in a healthy way. Many clients accomplish far more in less time, with less effort and with fewer false starts.

4.  You become more honest about what you really want, and what you really need to do to get to that goal. As your coach, I will always hold you accountable, while the two of us map out a strategy to get you to inner peace.

5.  I will challenge you to eliminate the distractions, the frustrations, irritations and annoyances of life. They waste your time and energy, and hold you back.

6.  You will learn to simplify and take control. You will be more productive in your own life and you may find you have more to be grateful for than you thought.

7.  You will clarify your values and live with greater integrity. You will discover that your mental health must be your priority, and devise a strategy with your coach to maintain it.

8.  Your relationships will improve. You will speak with greater clarity, more confidence and more power. You will expect a higher level of intimacy, honesty and respect from those around you. And, you will set boundaries so that your needs are met, while honoring the needs and boundaries of others.

9.  Once you have reached your goal of good mental health and learned to maintain it, you will set much higher, larger and more astonishing goals. You will simply aim higher and live larger. The daily grind will no longer be enough, and you will expect and pursue a life that is satisfying, fulfilling and challenging. You will understand that you can have a wonderful symptom free life.

10.  Life will be easier and richer. Expect that, with me as your personal coach, your quality of life will be transformed. You will get up happier, stay happier through out the day, work harder, play more, and do it all with a level of relaxed enthusiasm that once was so foreign to you. When riddled with nervous symptoms, we forget what it means to live and work with PASSION! As your coach, I will remind you!!

Your new motto will soon become:


This will bring you the inner peace and emotional balance you are seeking.


"I celebrate my good mental health by sharing my knowledge with you."


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