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Charmaine "Charli" Schulman, Ph.D., P.L. C.






Coaching takes place on a one-to-one basis and occurs via telephone, per predetermined appointment. Telephone work will allow you a sense of security, freedom and also makes demographics a non issue.

Part of working with me as your coach is that I will ask a lot of you. Not too much, I hope, but certainly more than your may have been asked in the past. I need you to be willing to experiment with fresh approaches and be open to redesign the parts of your life that you are able to work on right now. Using all of your gifts you can more easily reach your goals, of stronger emotional balance, personal growth, successful relationships - both personal and professional. Perhaps for the first time you will enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed.


For this to happen please be willing to:


  • Accept that you have control of your nervous symptoms

  • Change your behavior - a lot

  • Experiment and try new things

  • Remove the sources of stress in your life

  • Redesign how you spend your time

  • Re-look at the assumptions/decisions you have made

  • Be kinder to yourself.

  • Start telling the absolute truth, regardless

  • Get rid of big adrenaline triggers

  • Get the support you need to handle challenges

  • Raise your personal standards to be very, very high

  • Stop tolerating or suffering about anything in your life





"I celebrate my good mental health by sharing my knowledge with you."


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